**914 741-0302 ** Welcome to the office of Dr. Albert C. Rosen located at 972 Broadway in Thornwood, NY**

Welcome to Dr. Rosen’s state of the art Ophthalmic office!

Whether you need routine or medical eye care – have Diabetes, an eye infection, glaucoma, or need cataract surgery – you deserve quality care from a knowledgeable eye doctor. Albert C. Rosen, MD is a board-certified ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience to handle any eye issue you’re dealing with. Dr. Rosen’s office has computerized visual field testing and digitalized external eye and retinal photography. He also offers educational eye-related videos in the waiting room, as well as, individual educational topics on a tablet computer.

Dr. Rosen uses electronic health records and his office is certified for both Stage 1 & Stage 2 of Meaningful Use. His state of the art equipment gives you the quality eye care you deserve. Dr. Rosen offers convenient, flexible hours at his main office in Thornwood, NY. There are additional locations in Mamaroneck and Mt. Vernon, NY to get you care when you need it.

Routine Eye Exams  – Contact Lenses –  Laser Vision Correction

Glaucoma  – Visual Field Testing –  Retinal Photography

Eye Infections –  Diabetes  –   Cataracts


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